Jose Tavarez
Very kind, honest and reliable company. I highly recommend using them
leif bang
I was having a double lot with many years of unattended growth cleared in Orlando. Darren quoted a "not to exceed" price with an hourly and load rate. Communication was very good if he did not answer the phone he would call back quickly. Darren then gave two days the next week when he could be out to do the job depending prior jobs being finished. Harvey called the next day to make sure everything went well. They confirmed the date and time. On the day of the job Darren showed up at 7:00 am with two helpers and their 20 yard dump truck. It took them 8.5 hours and 4 loads. They cleared the yard including removing three large palmetto trees and countless bushes, shrubs, and weeds. They graded then hand raked the yard. There were some pavers in the driveway that were knocked out of place and Darren reset them without having to be asked. They cleaned the street in front after they were finished. Darren and his crew were very professional and they did not exceed the estimate they came in almost $200 under. I will not hesitate to use or recommend them in the future.
Michelle Andrews
They catered to my dog, when he got hurt. I felt it was an emergency though looking back it was not, the staff were compassionate and treated Kevin with speed and care. The price was reasonable.
Chaweewan Rittichai
Highly recommended , Professional job, good price.